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WEEW Consultant is a Indore based real estate and business solutions company. where we focus on values, ethics and loyalty, expertise of multiple Industries and a well-known dealer throughout several Industries. Specialization in Energy Solutions, Architectural Planning, Design , Construction with material, Digital Marketing, Event management, Waste Management and Place making renovation. 

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We have specialization in Architectural Planning, Design and Development, Energy Solutions, Event management, Digital Marketing and other Real Estate and Business solutions.

Corporate Event Branding Promotion

Providing high quality solutions for event organizing and branding. Because of event driven branding companies can reach their goals of Increase in awareness, sales, build trust and engagement.

Energy Solutions

Leading supplier of Testing, Measuring, Maintenance, Condition Monitoring Equipment’s used in Energy generation transmission and distribution .

Waste Mangement

Waste management is the complete process to collect waste and treat or dispose the waste at correctly. Waste management is to collect segregate waste. Recycle and non recyclable are segreagated and reused or decomposed accordingly.

Digital Marketing

As world is moving towards usage of digital platforms so its necessary to promote and build brand online. Online marketing is to create campaigns online to create awareness of product services and also sell them digitally.

Place Making and Revamping

We have done a Vital projects under "SMART CITY INDORE". Angwadi’s were renovated under this project, So localities get a better and safe place to learn, play and get basic amenities.

Architectural Development

We accelerate the development of self-build community projects worldwide by connecting them with our network of 60K+ architects and building professionals.

Architectural Design

Architect responsibility is to provide highest level of customer needs while maintaining highest level of quality standards.

Green Building Simulation

According to a number of studies, green building can produce significant financial savings by boosting the health, safety improvements, and reducing energy, maintenance, operational costs.

Waste Water Treatment

Convert wastewater that contains impurities into an effluent that can be reintroduced to the water cycle. The wastewater is reused or has an acceptable impact on the environment after it is added back into the water cycle.

How We work

There are typically 5 stages of architectural design involved in a design-build of any project.



The first objective is to get-together with a client and determines overall project vision and goals. There are some key areas to discuss the project – scope, features, purpose, and functionality.



In this phase, we do series of rough plans that illustrate the basic implementation in the project. Also, initial research of local compliance and regulations are completed at this time.



Basics has been discussed with clients and all the details were shared and accordingly project will be regulated. All requirements were discussed and fulfilled in this phase for timely execution of project.



As per plan, team will execute the project with proper approvals and all the resources were collected and managed for smooth running of project. Team will allocate resources accordingly to meet the timeline of project.



Finally, the project is completed. This is the last phase which consists of detailed discussion on the execution and quality of project with the client. All the problems were discussed and solved. Customer satisfaction is to be discussed. Make sure of "NO COMPROMISE" principle in quality.


That all Reviews was given by our clients you can also submit your reviews here.

I needed as-built drawings of my home, and WEEW Consultant provided timely and professional service.

Akshay Parmar

WEEW Consultant did a fantastic job with our site plan and renderings and we could be happier with the end result.

Sneha Sharma

These guys are true professionals. From the initial meeting and drawings through punch out lists and actually getting the key. I’d 100% recommend using them for any project!

Aman Gupta

It was an absolute pleasure working with WEEW Consultant. Chinten was very professional and great to work with! They exceeded my expectations and will definitely be working with them again in the future. Highly recommend !!

Rishabh Yadav

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We have specialization in Architectural Planning, Design and Development, Energy Solutions, Event management, Digital Marketing and Waste Management Business solutions.

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